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Eat Your Organic Veggies!

A University of Washington study concluded that preschool aged children eating organic fruits and vegetables had pesticide breakdown product levels six times lower than children eating conventional food.  The researchers findings point to a relatively simple way for parents to reduce their children’s chemical load - serve organic produce.

-From the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada

Black Currents

Are tied to relieving:

  1. -arthritis

  2. -gout

  3. -skin conditions

  4. -swelling

  5. -& boost immune system



Pesticides Linked to Parkinsons

    Rotenone and paraquat have both recently been linked to the development of parkinsons disease.  According to a study conducted by the Parkinsons Institute and Clinical Center, those who have worked applying the chemicals are 2.5 times more likely to  develop the disease.

GM Sugar Beets a Go

    The USDA has approved the planting of Monsanto’s GM sugar beets this spring after being petitioned by Monsanto.  The planting will precede the Environmental Impact Statement.

    Acres USA, Industrial Ag Watch

Cancer in Your Cola

    A petition has been filed by The Center for Science in the Public Interest over the contamination of “caramel colouring” with two known carcinogens.  2-methylimidazole and 4-methylimidazole are both apparently present.

    Acres USA, Eco-Update

Natural Does Not Mean Organic

    The Cornucopia Institute has filed a complaint against Hearthside Food Solutions, the makers of Peace Cereal, for misleading the public by suggesting their “natural” cereal is produced without the use of pesticides.  Consumers need to be aware that the term “natural” carries no restrictions or regulations.

    Acres USA-Organic News

Non-GMO Sourcebook

    The 2011 Non-GMO Sourcebook has just been released by Evergreen Publishing.  This publication is a farm to fork directory of suppliers of non-GMO products.  They have also announced the creation of a new website for the sourcebook,

New Report Links Cancer with Chemical Exposure

    The Presidents Cancer Panel has issued a report that concludes environmental toxins, chemicals in particular are the leading cause of cancer.  The report expresses specific concerns about the exposure of children.  Read more

Walmart/California Settle Case

    Walmart Stores Inc. have been accused of improperly disposing of hazardous waste, including, pesticide, fertilizer, paint and aerosols at its 236 stores and distribution centres across California.  Walmart will pay $26.6 million to settle the case.

    -Acres USA, Industrial Ag Watch

New Dirty Dozen List

    The Environmental Working Group has published its recent list of the 12 most pesticide laden fruits and vegetables.  They are  listed in order as celery, peaches, strawberries, apples, blueberries, nectarines, bell peppers, spinach, kale, cherries, potatoes and imported grapes.  Almost sounds like a list of the 12 best foods to eat.......

Diet Affects Offspring

    Turns out genetics aren’t the only way cancer is passed through generations.  Colleagues at the Georgetown University Medical Center found that feeding rats a fatty diet increases the risk of breast cancer development in both their daughters and granddaughters. 

    -Acres USA, Health and Healing News


    The US consumed about 35 million pounds of antibiotics in 2009.  Of that total 70 percent went to pigs, chickens and cows and 13 percent of those drugs were administered to healthy animals to encourage more rapid growth.  Margaret Mellon of the Union of Concerned Scientists says that this type of use leads to resistant microorganisms and that these organisms do not stay on the farm.  65,000 Americans died from these super bugs in 2009 and according to the CDC 20 percent of people who contract salmonella have one of the drug resistant strains.  In the same year big Pharm and agribusiness companies spent $205 million  lobbying congress to hold the status quo.

    -Acres USA, Industrial Ag Watch

Anti-Cancer Compound

    Scientists from the University of Arizona have discovered a compound, Withaferin A, that combats cancer and encourages the survival of healthy cells.  The compound is derived from winter cherry plants, Withania somnifera L.

    -Acres USA, Eco-Update

Check Your Soap

    Triclosan, a ubiquitous antibacterial pesticide found in hundreds of consumer products such as soaps, hand sanitizers, cosmetics, toys, plastics and textiles has been linked to numerous health risks and environmental contamination.  Studies have detected triclosan in breast milk, urine and umbilical cord blood as well as large concentrations in surface water, waste water, fish and earthworms.  Triclosan is an endocrine disruptor that interferes with thyroid hormones, estrogen and androgen receptors.

    -Acres USA, Health and Healing

Type 3 Diabetes.....Who Knew?

    Researchers at our own Trent University have discovered a third type of diabetes.  It appears there is a group of people who are ultra sensitive to electrical devices that emit dirty electricity.  These type 3 diabetics experience spikes in blood sugar and elevated heart rates when exposed to this electrical pollution from computers, televisions, cordless and mobile phones and compact fluorescent light bulbs.

    -Acres USA, Health and Healing News

A Little Country Living for Asthma

    A study of more than 1300 farm children by researchers at Massey University, New Zealand, indicates a 50 percent reduction in asthma and an even greater reduction in hay fever and eczema over their urban counterparts.  Reasons were unclear but researchers reason it may have to do with exposure of the children and pregnant mothers to bacteria on other animals.

    -European Respiratory Journal

Really Ugly Heirlooms

    Ag-Mart, a subsidiary of Procacci Bros. has recently been the recipient of the largest pesticide violation fine in New Jersey history.  The company which is the sole grower of Santa Sweet grape tomatoes and UglyRipe heirloom tomatoes has been fined nearly $1 million for applying pesticides more frequently than permitted and for harvesting and shipping tomatoes on 17 occasions before they were safe for human consumption.

    -Acres USA, Industrial Ag Watch


    A study of 326 children aged 3-5 demonstrates the efficacy of probiotics.  Researchers found a drastic reduction in fever, coughing and rhinorrhea incidence and duration among the children taking the probiotics.  Since about 70 percent of our immune system resides in the glands and lymphoid network of the gastrointestinal tract, it is imperative that we maintain healthy intestinal flora.  Raw milk and fermented foods like kefir, yogurt, miso and kombucha are great sources and supplements are also available.


Pink Slime Burgers Anyone?

    Beef products Inc. of South Dakota devised a way to treat the scrap trimmings from slaughterhouses with ammonia to render them “safe” for human consumption.  The treatment kills E-coli and salmonella bacteria in the pink mush that is frozen into blocks and sold to be mixed into hamburger products such as those at McDonalds and Burger King or from Cargill and grocery stores.  It even accounts for 15 percent of the ground beef in the US school lunch programs.  Yum!

    -Acres USA, Industrial Ag Watch