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   Strawberry season is now over.  We will keep the patch open this weekend  for people that want to come out with their families to gather the few berries that remain and enjoy a day on the farm.  We will be running a wagon to and from the field.  We will also be charging the $7 minimum purchase on the way in.  This is not the time to come if you are looking to pick for the winter, but could be a nice day out.  The market and bakery will be running as usual and we will be making wood-fired pizza during the lunch period.

  Hours: 9am-6pm weekdays, 9am-5pm weekends. 

  Prices:  Our certified organic pick your own strawberries are $4.25 a quart - $25.50 for a 6 quart/7 litre basket.  If you prefer to go by weight, the strawberries are $3.25 a pound.  There is a $7.00 per person over two years of age deposit required prior to entry to the field, which is redeemable on your pick your own strawberry purchase.



  Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us last year and we hope to see you again this season!


  Organics is a bee and Monarch butterfly friendly farm.  Please visit  The Buzz  page for more details.

  We are a small family owned and operated certified organic farm located in Markham, Ontario.  In 2001 we decided to convert to organic farming and after much effort (and a lot of hoeing!) we happily opened our gates to the public in 2007.


  We are certified by the OCPP/Pro-Cert and offer a wide variety of both fruits and vegetables, which are listed on our Crops/Products page.  The website is updated periodically to keep you informed on what’s happening on the farm and what’s in season.  And there are a few things new for 2015!

  Once again we will be firing up our wood oven and producing a wider variety of products this year.  We built our Allan Scott designed oven in 2008 and this will be our seventh season of operation.  We’re the only Certified Organic farm in the GTA operating a wood-fired bakery and we hope you’ll come by to sample some of our baking this season!  We will also be opening our organic market building again this season where we will have a variety of local and organic products offered for sale.  We are proud to sell only locally grown certified organic fruits and vegetables that are in season and offer organic products that too are only produced locally.  Naturally pasture raised, hormone and anti-biotic free meats are also available throughout the season.  Check out our Farm News page for all of the details!

  Our Health News page contains information we feel you may find interesting that is pertinent to the organic industry and your health.  Any information you’d like to share is welcomed.

  You may want to visit our Family Blog where we’ll share a few of our stories with you.  We’ve decided to make the blog a family project as we all have stories to tell about our farm.  Despite the hard work and some of the frustrating moments we’ve gone through, there have been many laughs.  We’ve learned a lot and have much more to learn.  I’ve also learned how hard it is to keep up on a blog......easier in the winter, that’s for sure!

  On the animal scene at Organics....our Dexter cows are all doing well and we’ve added more  pigs to mix, which has increased the population of our zoo that includes Dexter cattle and Large Black pigs. It’s quite loud here, but thankfully, our neighbours are understanding!

  Please tour our site and acquaint yourself with our farm.  Organic farming is still a new venture for us and we’re bound to experience a few “growing pains” along the way!  As always, we welcome any questions or comments you may have!

  Cheers to the 2015 season!

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Pick Your Own & Ready Picked

  1. -Apples

  2. -Raspberries & Strawberries

  3. -Small Fruits

  4. -Ready Picked Vegetables

Organic Farm  Market & Bakery

Open Seasonally With Crops Late Spring to Fall   

(905) 640 - 5206

7550 19th Ave.

Markham, Ontario L6B 1A8