Pick Your Own & Ready Picked Strawberries

Certified Organic
Available Mid June to Early July

Strawberry season will be starting mid June.

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It is $14 per person 3 years old and up to enter the field.  This price includes a 2 litre basket of pick your own strawberries.

For any individual who picks more than the 2 litre basket, the fee will be $6/lt.  Your $14 entry fee will be deducted from your total berry purchase.

(Example: You picked 4 litres = $24.00.  This minus the admission  equals $10.00 upon checkout).

Our change in price from last year reflects the increased cost of inputs into our farm this year.

Due to Covid-19, we will not be weighing the fruit this year.  Strawberries will be sold by volume only.

  Please do not bring your own reusable containers to pick in unless they are clearly marked in litres.  We will provide each person with a 2 litre basket upon entry.  Any additional or larger baskets are available on the farm.